Board Meeting

Subject: DRI: @Pierre Burgy Last update: Q2 2021 Expiration date: Q2 2022


The second week of the quarter (most of the time on Tuesday or Wednesday at 9am PT).

The goals of this meeting are to

  • Inform our investors about our KPIs.
  • List what happened in the past quarter.
  • Share what's coming next.
  • Discuss the strategy and challenges.

Since transparency is one of our core values, the pre-read document we send to our investors is shared with the team the day after the board meeting.


  • The leader of this meeting is the CEO.


  • Day -15: The leadership team writes the pre-read document (Google Docs).
  • Day -2: The CEO sends the pre-read document to the board members at least 48 hours before the Board Meeting.
  • Day -1: The CEO creates the Board Meeting presentation (Google Slides).
  • Day +1: The CEO shares the pre-read and meetings notes with the team.