Cool Down Week

Subject: Cool down week DRI: @Laurine RENELIER Last update: Q4 2022


There are some topics we would like to work on, but never have time since our priorities keep us busy. Cool down weeks are the solution for that. It’s a time when we step away from our priorities and focus on different things. We learn, experiment and spent time together as a team.


  • Recognition: Make sure everyone in the team feels their work is respected and valued.
  • Celebration: Do a recap of the main accomplishments.
  • Learning: Prioritize learning and share knowledge among the team through workshops led by team members.
  • Fun: Have fun as a team and get to know each other better.
  • Experimentation: Experiment and create to push innovation and embrace a test-and-learn culture.


  • Each department is encouraged to schedule cool down week twice a year
  • It should be planned in advance (at least one month prior) to organize work priorities accordingly
  • It needs to be communicated two weeks prior in #general channel
  • It should be added to the time-off calendar, so others can see easily that a specific team is on cool down
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  • Teams are encouraged to keep track of their cool down activities and share them for #transparency and inspiration

If you have any questions regarding cool down week, raise them in #people-ops or reach out to @Marzena BRZOZKO