2021 People Team Cool Down

Why? (Purpose)

There are times when we need to run fast and work extra hard i.e Strapi first Virtual Retreat, new hires, and onboarding in the team, etc, and times where we should cool down, celebrate our successes, zoom out of our day-to-day activities, and initiatives to prioritize learning, education, and experimentations.

This is very important as it is directly related to one of our : Care and Self care.

When? (Timeline)

1 week - starting June 28th


Monday 9h45 CET: Daily Kanban meeting with the Engineering team

Wednesday: At the cowork place

Thursday afternoon: Les Tuileries

What? (Goals)

  • Recognition: Make sure everyone in the team feels like their work is respected and valued.
  • Celebration: We do a recap of our main accomplishments
  • Learning: We prioritize learning and share our knowledge among the team through workshops led by team members
  • Fun: The goal is to have fun as a team and get to know each other better.
  • Experimentation: We give everyone a chance to work on Strapi experiments and build proofs of concepts to push innovation and embrace a test-and-learn culture.

@Laurine RENELIER : Coursera training about emotions

How? (Processes)

  • No 1/1 or team meetings. Only urgent topics from other teams.
  • We inform other teams of our Cool Down Week ahead of time (Monday meeting, Newsletter, Slack and DM)
  • We anticipate requests from other teams as much as possible by planning "non-cancellable" activities the week before.
  • Each team member chooses one special project to work on or topic to learn about.
  • We keep a record of what we're hacking on or learning about and summarize our notes in a memo to be publicly available in Notion.
  • We align with other teams on when/how to join they meetings to spend some time with them