People and Talent Cool down week Q4 2022

Hello team 👋 

Are you thrilled to have one week to pause, learn, rest, collaborate with other people on side projects, and be joyful?! 💃🏽 🎉 This is one week where you’ll think of nothing; I’ll (Laurine) will hold your hands to go through this week smoothly and peacefully. 🗓 The cooldown week will be from Dec 19th until Dec 23rd

How to mentally start this week cloudlessly? ☀️

  • After receiving this note, you’ll open your calendar and cancel or postpone all your meetings. Your agenda should be cristal clear 🔮
  • Then time to block your agenda with “cool down” 🥳 

How satisfying is this first action? Do you start feeling some relief?

The pause is starting 🎉

Of course, we will communicate at Strapi level that the team is on cooldown, and except for emergencies (should be vital emergencies ⛑🚑), all requests will be handled later 🙂

Ok, I’m at peace. What’s next? 🧘🏻‍♀️

The week will be divided into several activities:

  1. Some time together as a team. One objective having fun all together ✨ Laurine will manage all activities, book some slots and organize everything 🙂 As explained above, you’ll just have to follow the flow 🌊 Except for the cooking session, where a list of ingredients will be shared ahead of time (yes, we’ll cook together!), everything will be a surprise (hope you like surprises 🎉) and nothing will be shared in advance!
  2. 🪜 Finally, time to do those things we never have time to do. Why not:
    • Watch an Agile training
    • What's AGILE? (Replay) 1h20
    • Macro Vision (Replay) 1h30
    • Backlog Management (Replay) 1h10
    • Learn about/ attend other team’s meetings
    • Sales AMA
    • Product demo
    • Gong
    • Read a book
    • Finish that thing you wanted to complete for soooo long!

So, what’s your plan? Take a piece of paper, open a notebook, or open a private Notion and start idealizing your cooldown 💭 ”What do I wish to do?” should be the only important question you’ll have to ask yourself 🤗  Keep it for yourself until the beginning of the cooldown.

Are you starting to be a bit excited?

Now, now, let’s talk agenda and activities 🛼

11 am CET
Cooking session!
Burritos/Enchilladas 🌯 Link to the recipe: https://buildyourbite.com/the-best-ever-veggie-enchiladas/
Links/ Documentation
11 am CET
Let’s start the week!
Will be shared during the meeting (Miro Link)
10:30 am CET
Gong demo by Dani 🌻
4 pm CET
Sales AMA
Already on your agenda, managed by the Sales team
4:30 pm CET
Product Demo
Already on your agenda, managed by the Product team
3 pm CET
Gathering by Fanny
11 am CET
Wrap up the week! 🎁

🎁 You will all receive 2 things at your place. Please DO NOT open it!! (Noémie, I’ll send everything to your place in Bordeaux if that’s fine with you) - One will be very obvious; you’ll see my name on it :) - For the second one, let’s say it’s a package from Momox

  1. Do not try to guess what it is
  2. Do not check what Momox is if you’ve never heard about it before 😅