Each department newsletter


Subject: Keep the team updated about User Success, Product and Marketing DRI:Jim Laurie, Aurélien GEORGET, Victor Coisne Last update: Q2 2021 Expiration date: Q2 2022

The goals of these newsletters are to

  • Celebrate achievements and appreciated moments from the previous week for each department.
  • Share news for each department so we're all on the same page and stay aligned as one single team.
  • Inspire teammates because we all want to be, together, part of a meaningful journey.


The writer of these newsletters are the team leaders:

Company: Pierre Burgy

Product: Aurélien GEORGET

User Success: Jim Laurie

People and Talent: Fanny Le Gallou

Marketing: Victor Coisne

Engineering: Alexandre Bodin

Finance & Legal: Elizabeth Heinen


Depending on the department, the format can differ. Highlights can be done for example on :

📣 Team Announcements

👋 Important news per team

👈 Last week’s highlights

👉 Upcoming deadlines & initiatives

📈 KPIs

🏛 OKRs confidence level