Subject:debrief the last quarter & kick-off the ne next one DRI: @Pierre Burgy Last update: Q2 2021 Expiration date: Q2 2022

The goals of this meeting are to

  • Celebrate achievements and appreciated moments from the previous quarter.
  • Share results from the previous quarter and OKRs for the coming quarter.
  • Inspire teammates because we all want to be, together, part of a meaningful journey.
  • Announce what are the company and team OKRs for the new quarter.


  • The organizer of this meeting is by default the CEO.
  • The main speaker is @Pierre Burgy.
  • Each team leader is the owner of their slides @Brittany Caulfield @Victor Coisne @Jim Laurie @Fanny Le Gallou @Aurélien GEORGET @Pierre Burgy @Alexandre Bodin @Elizabeth Heinen.


  • Presentations and records are available in the company's Google Drive.