Monday Meeting


DRI: Laurine RENELIER Subject: content and how-to of Strapi Monday Meeting Last update: Q2 2021 Expiration date: 2022

The goals of this meeting are to

  • Celebrate achievements and appreciated moments from the previous week.
  • Share news so we're all on the same page and stay aligned as one single team.
  • Inspire teammates because we all want to be, together, part of a meaningful journey.


  • The organizer of this meeting is by default the CEO Pierre Burgy
  • The principal speaker is Pierre Burgy, backups are the leadership team.
  • Each team leader is the owner of their slides Victor Coisne Jim Laurie Fanny Le Gallou Aurélien GEORGET Pierre Burgy Alexandre Bodin Slides have to be ready the latest Monday 4PM CET.
  • Slide Deck creator is Laurine RENELIER
  • During the meeting, the timekeeper is Laurine RENELIER



  • 5 minutes - Casual discussions before we start sharing the presentation. Strapiers typically talk about their weekends or any recent news.
  • 5 minutes - Celebrations: the organizer asks everyone to share things they appreciated last week and finally adds his/her own thoughts.
  • 15 minutes - Measure and share: Every department lead shares progress on his/her team OKRs and a team member eventually makes a mini-presentation. + At any time, Strapiers can ask questions, live or via chat. Team leaders are responsible but we encourage the participation of every Strapier".

  • 5 minutes - Questions and answers. We answer questions that have been asked via this bot during the past week.
  • 3 minutes - Share A Strapier does a quick presentation. It can be sharing a tip, news from the ecosystem, the community, a post we've shared that we should be aware of, or even something personal. This presentation should not last more than 3 minutes.
  • 1min - End
  • The organizer uploads the record in this directory at the end of the meeting.

How to create the slides

  • Visit the Monday Meetings folder.
  • image
  • Duplicate the document named "TEMPLATE - 2021-00-00 - Monday Meeting"
  • Rename the copy with the date of the corresponding Monday Meeting (eg. "2021-03-29")
  • On the first slide, replace "{{date}}" with the correct date (eg. "March 29, 2021")
  • image
  • On the "Celebration time" slide, add some screenshots from the #shoutouts, #str-happy, etc. Slack channels and list some good news (you can find some in the newsletter sent by the CEO).
  • On the KPI slide, click on "UPDATE"
  • image
  • Send the link of the new document in #channel


  • In the past, the creation of these slides was automated through a Zap. Since the migration from Shared Folders to Shared Drives, the Zap doesn't work anymore. It would be great to find a way to make it work with Shared Drives.
  • This bot sends a message on Slack every Wednesday to ask if anyone in the team would like to share a tip during the next Monday Meeting. It also sends a message on Slack every Monday to ask if anyone has a question for the Monday Meeting happening the same day.
  • This bot sends a message on Slack every Tuesday to notify everyone that the record is available.
  • This bot creates a new presentation every Friday and sends a message to the #leadership Slack channel so the leadership team members can prepare their respective sections.
  • Laurine RENELIER posts every Friday the slides in #general