Monday Meeting

DRI: @Laurine RENELIER Subject: content and how-to of Strapi Monday Meeting Last update: Q2 2021 Expiration date: 2022

The goals of this meeting are to

  • Celebrate achievements and appreciated moments from the previous week.
  • Share news so we're all on the same page and stay aligned as one single team.
  • Inspire teammates because we all want to be, together, part of a meaningful journey.


  • The organizer of this meeting is by default the CEO @Pierre Burgy
  • The principal speaker is @Pierre Burgy, backups are the leadership team.
  • Each team leader is the owner of their slides @Victor Coisne @Jim Laurie @Fanny Le Gallou @Aurélien GEORGET @Pierre Burgy @Alexandre Bodin Slides have to be ready the latest Monday 4PM CET.
  • Slide Deck creator is @Laurine RENELIER
  • During the meeting, the timekeeper is @Laurine RENELIER



  • 5 minutes - Casual discussions before we start sharing the presentation. Strapiers typically talk about their weekends or any recent news.
  • 5 minutes - Celebrations: the organizer asks everyone to share things they appreciated last week and finally adds his/her own thoughts.
  • 15 minutes - Measure and share: Every department lead shares progress on his/her team OKRs and a team member eventually makes a mini-presentation. + At any time, Strapiers can ask questions, live or via chat. Team leaders are responsible but we encourage the participation of every Strapier".

  • 5 minutes - Questions and answers. We answer questions that have been asked via this bot during the past week.
  • 3 minutes - Share A Strapier does a quick presentation. It can be sharing a tip, news from the ecosystem, the community, a post we've shared that we should be aware of, or even something personal. This presentation should not last more than 3 minutes.
  • 1min - End
  • The organizer uploads the record in this directory at the end of the meeting.

How to create the slides

  • Visit the Monday Meetings folder.
  • image
  • Duplicate the document named "TEMPLATE - 2021-00-00 - Monday Meeting"
  • Rename the copy with the date of the corresponding Monday Meeting (eg. "2021-03-29")
  • On the first slide, replace "{{date}}" with the correct date (eg. "March 29, 2021")
  • image
  • On the "Celebration time" slide, add some screenshots from the #shoutouts, #str-happy, etc. Slack channels and list some good news (you can find some in the newsletter sent by the CEO).
  • On the KPI slide, click on "UPDATE"
  • image
  • Send the link of the new document in #channel


  • In the past, the creation of these slides was automated through a Zap. Since the migration from Shared Folders to Shared Drives, the Zap doesn't work anymore. It would be great to find a way to make it work with Shared Drives.
  • This bot sends a message on Slack every Wednesday to ask if anyone in the team would like to share a tip during the next Monday Meeting. It also sends a message on Slack every Monday to ask if anyone has a question for the Monday Meeting happening the same day.
  • This bot sends a message on Slack every Tuesday to notify everyone that the record is available.
  • This bot creates a new presentation every Friday and sends a message to the #leadership Slack channel so the leadership team members can prepare their respective sections.
  • @Laurine RENELIER posts every Friday the slides in #general