People & Talent Newsletters

Subject: Keep the team updated about People & Talent in 2 different newsletters DRI: @Fanny Le Gallou Last update: Q2 2021 Expiration date: Q2 2022

The goals of these newsletters are to

  • Celebrate achievements and appreciated moments from the previous month.
  • Share news so we're all on the same page and stay aligned as one single team.
  • Inspire teammates because we all want to be, together, part of a meaningful journey.


  • The writer of this newsletter is @Fanny Le Gallou .


🎉 Highlights: Share who's joining/joined the team, new releases, positive news, ...

📕 New processes/ updates

🤓 Events/ trainings


🤔 Lowlights: Share what can we do better, where do we have to improve