Since Measured Ambition is one of our core values and to move toward our mission as fast as possible, Strapi is a venture-backed company.

Equity story 🕰

  • Series B - 2022: We raised a $31m series B round, led by CRV, with the participation of Index Ventures and Flex Capital.
  • Series A - 2020: We raised a $10m series A round, led by Index Ventures.
  • Seed round - 2019: We raised a $4m seed round, led by Accel and Stride.vc.
  • Pre-seed round - 2018: We raised a $1m pre-seed round, led by Bpifrance, with the participation of Kima Ventures.

Business Angels 👼🏽

Many brilliant angel investors invested in Strapi to make the company even more successful:

  • Alexandre Yazdi (founder, CEO - Voodoo)
  • Ashley Smith (ex-CMO - GitHub, GitLab, Facebook, Parse, Twilio)
  • Augusto Marietti (founder, CEO - Kong)
  • Christian Bach (founder, CSO - Netlify)
  • David Cramer (founder, CTO - Sentry)
  • Florian Douetteau (founder, CEO - Dataiku)
  • Guillermo Rauch (founder, CEO - Vercel)
  • Kevin Van Gundy (ex-CRO - Vercel, CEO - Hypermode)
  • Marco Palladino (founder, CTO - Kong)
  • Mathias Biilmann (founder, CEO - Netlify)
  • Nicolas Dessaigne (founder, ex-CEO - Algolia)
  • Romain Lapeyre (founder, CEO - Gorgias)
  • Solomon Hykes (founder, ex-CTO - Docker)
  • And more.

Board directors 🛣

The board directors of Strapi are:

  • Aurélien Georget - Co-founder & CPO
  • Erin Price-Wright - Index Ventures
  • Jim Laurie - Co-founder
  • Pierre Burgy - Co-founder & CEO
  • Reid Christian - CRV

Cadence 🗓

  • Board meeting: We have a board meeting every quarter. This meeting is generally on the second week of every new quarter.
  • Reporting: We send an update to our main investors every month.
  • Monthly Investor Template