Subject: Branding DRI: @Yves Do Last update: October 2021

With our company’s growth and direction, we need a brand identity that is consistent, efficient and flexible.

These guidelines cover the following elements: mission statement, brand narrative, tone of voice, logo, color & typography.

Mission Statement

We exist to fuel humanity’s creativity and productivity by unleashing the power of content.

Our mission is to empower the community of companies, experts, and partners to build a million of tailor-made projects.

Because we believe in a future in which everybody has the power to create content, digital products and user experiences that impact the world.

Brand narrative

In the digital age, content is everywhere.

Production and distribution have shifted from the few to the many. We have all become the media, and everyone has a story to tell or something to sell. A need to create and connect, post and publish, showcase and share. Brands are broadcasting their stories far beyond websites through modern customer experiences across a variety of devices and channels.

But not everyone is content with their content tools.

They’re being held back by an old stack, stuck with software that’s proprietary, prescriptive and painful to use. Or trapped by traditional tech. So it's time we changed CMS as we know it, and open up minds to the benefits of going headless.

We exist to fuel the world’s creativity and productivity by unleashing the power of content. So we've built the next generation CMS that does exactly that, across the full lifecycle and the entire stack.

It’s open-source, 100% Javascript, headless, community-first, and will stay that way forever.

Strapi enables content-rich experiences to be created, managed and published, to any digital product, channel or device.

Strapi can be 100% configured for a tailor-made solution, and allows to keep 100% control at all time on all data.

Get set up in minutes to build projects in hours instead of weeks.

Simply build using the tools you already love. Effortlessly create content architectures that flex to your needs. Seamlessly create, add and edit any content type from any source.

Configure your platform to maximize your team's productivity. Assign roles, permissions and team members to make your work flow and stay organised, adaptable and extensible.

Ensure your content is always sorted, safe and ready to go. Anywhere you need, any way you like, any time you want. Dynamic, dependable and documented.

We're on a mission to empower enterprise companies, partners and experts to build a million of tailor-made projects.

By providing devs, startups and enterprises with the tools to realise their brightest ideas, boldest plans and biggest ambitions.

From Paris to Palo Alto, Buenos Aires to Berlin, Shoreditch to Shanghai. It’s the first step towards a future in which everybody has the power to create content, digital products and user experiences that impact the world.

And you're part of that mission too. In fact, you’re front and centre.

Tone of Voice

Strapi's tone of voice is helpful, kind, funny, dynamic, ambitious and respectful of users and of competitors.

What we are






What we are not





With every piece of content we publish, we aim to:

  • Empower the community. We help the community understand Strapi by using a level of language accessible that informs them and encourages them to use Strapi for their projects.
  • Support. We treat readers with consideration and empathy by giving them the exact information needed and the direction to learn more. We always assume good faith, and don't forget that we are the more knowledgeable about our solution and that users are not necessarily as experienced as we are.
  • Think big, talk small.
  • Speak truthfully. We avoid jargon, metaphors and exaggeration and focus on clarity and real proven, data-driven or claims.


The Strapi trademark includes the Strapi name, logo, wordmark and any designation of Strapi products. Please don’t change any of these or use them in an altered way that could cause confusion with other brands.


Download all the assets (SVG, PNG, JPG)

Masterbrand Logo

  • First way to show our presence to the world.
  • Our logo works on dark and light backgrounds, for digital formats
  • Used in the product and on all user and customer facing materials.

The simple blocks that compose the Strapi logo and our branding illustrate how complexity is made simple with Strapi. When put together, they show the power of collaboration, the plugin system of Strapi and how everything can be connected through Strapi. And the rocket shows the endless possibilities, the infinite reach made possible through Strapi and also the original DNA of Strapi.

We’ve used squares and triangles to build an extensible system. Combined they create a simple, strong and distinctive representation of a rocket – the master shape.

It can be divided, reconfigured and rebuilt into a visual language.

The master shape can be used in a range of configurations, colours and applications to illustrate the diversity and depth of digital content. It can be filled with imagery that reflects our community, values, users and all things digital.

The grid, master shape and triangle form the basis of our iconography, motion graphics and layout.

Masterbrand Wordmark



Logo Clearspace & Alignement


The monogram and the wordmark are distant from 1/2 the square forming the rocket shape. The letter-spacing in the wordmark has been lowered to give a sense of proximity.

The baseline goes from the lower side of the Monogram square shape to the straight bases of the serifs. The upper square side is aligned to the bottom of the I's dot.

The S and T letters have been redrawn at 24° which is the average between the original inclinaison of the S end (30°) and the upper oblique T end (16°).

The edges of the wordmark have been redrawn with a .5 pixel border radius for a smoother feeling.


When used alone, the Strapi monogram must be used in a square with a background. This ensure the good balance of the monogram as it is not a perfect square shape.

  • Monogram can only be used in the 4 followings colors:


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