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Growth Manifesto 💪🏽

Our mission is to make Strapi the fastest-growing CMS.

The Growth team at Strapi consists of a set of ideas, initiatives, projects, and experiments aiming to quickly and sustainably grow Strapi.

Strategic Direction 🧐

The Growth team started small. One person (Maxime) ran all the growth experiments and the growth engineering. He actively contributed heavily to Strapi's adoption by creating tutorials, videos, plugins, and repositories for the community to find them. The company increased the size of the team by hiring Mélanie as our Growth Manager.

Thanks to these new members, our Growth strategy is expanding to Growth Marketing, Product-Led Growth, and Community led-growth. This is just the beginning.

In March 2022, a new brick was added to the Growth team by adding a Revenue Growth focus and welcoming Tore as our Revenue Operations Manager.

Strapi aims to build the most ambitious Growth team in the Headless CMS ecosystem.

The Growth Team's impact doesn't stop here. Our team always includes other teams’ ideas or needs in our Growth experiments. We provide growth experiments and data-driven feedback to every team member at Strapi who needs help.


Engineering + Marketing + Data + Care = Our team


Maxime Castres 🇫🇷 - Growth Hacker

Maxime joined Strapi in July 2019 as a Growth Hacker to help Yves in the marketing team. He studied at 42 schools and then decided to join the marketing team to work on the growth aspect of Strapi while independently setting up programs, initiatives & experiments. He likes to write useful blog articles for the Strapi community. He also loves to create memes, feel free to send him some on his Twitter.



Mélanie Almeida 🇫🇷 - Growth Manager

Mélanie joined Strapi in May 2021 as Growth Manager. She believes Marketing, Product, and Engineering are made to be together and she found this match at Strapi. She is probably the only person who has fun building spreadsheets and dashboards. Mélanie focuses on data analysis, structuring the growth team's operations, and revenue management.

Tore Ingersoll-Thorp 🇺🇸 - Revenue Operations Manager

Tore joined the team in March 2022 as Revenue Operations Manager. He is passionate about building customer lifetime value via customer journey happiness, focusing on maximizing operational efficiency within go-to-market teams. He's been called a HubSpot Guru now and again, his favorite area of the platform being reporting and workflows. In his free time, he maintains an active vegetable garden and bakes a ton of bread for his wife and daughter.

How The Team Works

Key Operating Principles

Our decisions and actions should always be backed up with data. If the data doesn't exist yet, we implement it. If it's complex, we simplify it. If it's hidden, we share it.

We brainstorm ideas inside and outside the Growth team. We listen to our colleague's insights problems and ideas. And we keep an active benchmark of what it's done outside Strapi in Growth.

The growth team is involved in the success of the North Star Metric by choosing initiatives every quarter and creating experiments in a 2 weeks timeframe. We move fast and test a lot, but we always keep our long-term goals in mind.

Remote first

Strapi is a remote-first company. The Growth team is based in several locations and we use asynchronous communications and video calls to collaborate. Asynchronous communication is important in the team to respect everyone's time and need for deek work slots. Slack and Notion are our playgrounds. Working remotely helps us to recruit the best talent all over the world and also go and extend our network of Growth experts to meet over (virtual) coffee.

Weekly 1-1

Our weekly 1-1 is very important to maintain good communication and relationship. This weekly has three objectives: check on our team members' well-being first, share our next goals for the week, or obstacles we need help with.

Growth Experiments meeting

Once every two weeks, we review our ongoing, finished and next growth experiments. We share our wins and failures but mostly our learnings. We add in the pipe new ideas and we iterate.

Weekly Marketing Team meeting

The marketing team is composed of 3 teams: DevRel team, Growth Team and Corporate branding. In this meeting, we all join to share our current and next projects. We listen to everyone's project and offer help or feedback if it's needed.

Growth stack


NameLinkSub-teamsDescriptionUser manualTeams
Data Studio
GrowthCorporate Marketing
Data vizualization
GrowthCorporate Marketing
Website Session Analytics.
GrowthCorporate Marketing
SEO Optimization.
Google: Analytics / Tag Manager / Search Console / Optimize
GrowthCorporate Marketing
Traffic analysis.
GrowthCorporate MarketingCustomer Success
CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to centralize the discussions with our leads and customers.
Sales & PartnersMarketingFinance & LegalUser SuccessProduct
Automation for Growth Experiments mostly Outbound.
Screaming Frog
Website crawler and log file analyser tools
Identify technologies on websites and Hubspot companies
Corporate MarketingGrowthDevRel
Analytics software to collect and analyze usage information from the Telemetry system.
ProductSales & PartnersMarketing