CMS - Demand Capture Messaging

Product Capability
Product Category
Flexible content management
API-driven approach; Customizable content types
Easily adapt to various front-end frameworks; Tailor content structures to specific project needs
Headless CMS
Extensibility and integrations
Plugin system; Webhook support
Expand CMS capabilities as needed; Seamlessly integrate with other tools and services
Content Management System
Developer-friendly environment
Open-source; Built on JavaScript (Node.js)
Facilitate rapid development and deployment; Familiar tech stack for developers
Headless CMS
Granular user roles and permissions
Role-based access controls
Ensure content security and appropriate access; Streamline content approval workflows
Content Management System
Front-end agnostic
Deliver content via REST or GraphQL
Pair with any front-end framework or technology; Flexibility in content delivery options
Headless CMS
  1. Flexible Content Management:
    • "Meet Strapi: The Headless CMS that Adapts to You! Customize your content types and integrate with any front-end framework seamlessly. Dive into a content experience that's truly yours."
  2. Extensibility and Integrations:
    • "Expand Your Horizons with Strapi's Plugins! Integrate with your favorite tools effortlessly, and elevate your CMS game. With Strapi, there's always room for more."
  3. Developer-Friendly Environment:
    • "Developers, Rejoice! Strapi's open-source platform, built on JavaScript, is designed just for you. Dive into rapid deployment on a familiar terrain. Your perfect CMS playground awaits."
  4. Granular User Roles and Permissions:
    • "Guard Your Content with Strapi! Tailored access, streamlined approvals, and unmatched security. With role-based controls, you're always in charge."
  5. Front-end Agnostic:
    • "Freedom in Content Delivery! Whether it's REST or GraphQL, Strapi's got you covered. Pair with any front-end of your choice. Experience true flexibility with Strapi."