Learning and development policy


Subject: Strapi training policy and details DRI: Fanny Le Gallou Last update: Q3 2021 Expiration date: Q3 2022

As Henry Ford said it best: “The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.“

Strapi wants Strapiers to grow and see their growth during their journey at Strapi. To do so, Strapi provides resources to enable Strapiers to succeed and grow in their roles, to develop new skills, and to support their professional and personal development.

To foster a culture of excellence, learning, and development, and to support the growth of each Strapier, Strapi offers everyone the opportunity to seek out the training they need: conferences, mentorships, workshops, competencies, new skills, and knowledge tools. We believe that giving our teams the right help at the right moment can make a big difference in both their personal and professional development. We encourage you to test, experiment, take risks, try new things, and pursue your own mission. And if you make a mistake? Let's learn from it, and share your journey with the team.


TL;DR Strapi offers $750 + 5 days per year to each Strapier for Individual Training.

Types of Training

Strapi offers 3 types of training to all Strapiers

Global training

  • Initiative: Strapi
  • Audience: everyone
  • Included: global training, legal training (CSE), managers training.

Team training

  • Initiative: department DRI
  • Audience: every teammate in the department
  • Included: technical or soft-skill training.

Individual Training

  • Initiative: any Strapier
  • Audience: one Strapier
  • This includes Meet-ups, books, conferences, language classes, coding classes, personal training, and certifications.

Individual Training

Strapi encourages Strapiers to use their training budget with care & ownership.

💡 Framework: You may use your budget for any training that can help improve your professional performance.

We fully encourage all formats of training and learning as long as it fits within the framework. In addition to technical, field-related training, Strapi also encourages Strapiers to explore courses in diversity, language, emotional intelligence development, and personal development conferences.


💰 Money
  • Strapi provides each Strapier with a $750 (620€)(including taxes) annual budget.
  • Any unused training budget cannot be transferred to the following year. We encourage you to use it! One Exception: if you have a specific project in mind that is more than the annual budget, you can allocate a portion of this year's budget to next year with the approval of your manager & the People team.
  • Your training budget can also be used to purchase books. Order them at your will, they will belong to you. We also have a list of at the Paris coworking space if you'd like to read some of them.
  • 🇫🇷 French employees only
    • Strapi contributes a portion of its global payroll to a state-sponsored training program, called DIF (this is a legal obligation in France).
    • When you use your DIF budget, Strapi can "top up" the portion of the training expense not covered by your DIF by using your Individual training budget.
    • As a company, Strapi can negotiate preferential prices for certain training courses (ex, for English classes we work with Forma+ and can obtain more training hours for your DIF budget). Let us know if you have something in mind.
    • You may use your DIF as you want: Strapi cannot and will not force you to use it in any particular way. It is 100% personal and does not belong to Strapi.

    🤝 The Leadership team
    • Members of the Leadership team receive an extra $500 (415€) monthly budget for coaching and management training sessions.
  • Sometimes training requires more time than money. In addition to the training budget, Strapi offers each Strapier 5 days per year (approx 35h) to dedicate to their training, a "pro-rata-temporis" system will be used. Please, contact your manager when you consider benefiting from a learning day. E.g.: You've been at Strapi for 6 months, you now have access to half your budget and time pots.
  • Any unused time budget cannot be transferred to the following year. We encourage you to use it. One Exception: if you have a specific project in mind that is more than the annual dedicated time pot, you can allocate a portion of this year's pot to next year with the approval of your manager & the People team.

How to use my budget?

You have found a training that fits within the framework. Great!

Strapi celebrates #ownership, so you may pay for the training directly and then submit the expense for reimbursement using the Perks Reimbursement Form.

More information about the Expense Reimbursement workflow can be found here:

Strapi also values #transparency, so we encourage you to talk with your manager during your 1:1s about how you are using your training budget.

⚠️ If you are in doubt as to if your training meets the framework criteria, speak with your manager first. Your expense may not be reimbursed if your training falls out framework above. In case of misalignment, you will be accountable to show how your training aligns with Strapi's policy.

Training principles and responsibilities

  • Any internal or external training sponsored by Strapi has to be
    aligned. This is very important when choosing global pieces of training or conferences intended for the whole company. E.g.: you can work on an internal presentation, and adapt the content of your slides to Strapi values. Aurélien had to do so once, regarding a presentation he was usually giving during the Product onboarding.
  • When you attend a conference or course that can benefit other Strapiers, please copy your notes here: , and share it with the team in the #people channel on Slack once it's done.
  • Feel free to share your coming favorite conferences, classes you'll attend, to spread the team with your coming training. Other folks may be interested too, and attending a Meetup with other Strapiers always makes it more fun and instructive!

Training Ideas

  • Strapi works with - Monceau langues for English classes and so far is happy (Pierre Wizla, Maeva Lienard, Hicham El Abbassi & Fanny Le Gallou) with the results and we can negotiate group prices. - Intercountry (tested and validated by Pierre Burgy, Jim Laurie & Aurélien GEORGET).
  • Elysées langues also have been tested and recommended (by Fanny Le Gallou)
  • The Babbel learning app is also highly recommended for personal daily practice.
  • 8 websites to learn English: https://www.fluentu.com/blog/english/best-websites-to-learn-english/

You can also read about by the Strapiers in the past and see if they are recommended by them.


  • Why 750$(620€)/ year?
  • This budget offer Strapiers a very attractive range of learning possibilities.

    We benchmarked Strapi with other companies' training policies and this budget is comparable to startups at a similar stage.

    We would like to try this budget for 1 year before adjusting the policy, if needed.