Day 1

Day 1

🔌 Let’s start with downloading your setup

We have made a selection of our most common-used tool 🔨

Always use your email address with Google Connect or a random password generated by 1password when you register to one of these tools.

You will complete your team-specific tools during

📣 Slack
Install Slack . This is our main communication channel where (almost) everything is happening!
Create or validate your account (you must have received an invitation)
Install the desktop app (optional)
Upload a profile picture, add your name and function at Strapi
If you feel creative, create your own slack emoji and post it in #chill-room!

👾 Discord
Join the Strapi Discord using this invite link.
🐈‍⬛ Github
Create or share your existing GitHub account in the below Google Form +
Upload a profile picture
🐱‍💻 Albert

Nothing to do here!

Just pay attention to Albert, our cybersecurity companion.

He will be inviting you on your very first day to cybersecurity trainings.

✏️ Notion

Notion is our "Source of truth" here at Strapi

Validate your Notion account through the invitation received
Upload a profile picture, add your name and function at Strapi
Have a look at Notion Fundamentals  playlist for your first steps in Notion
Internal usage guidelines here
Notion use
📩 Google
Validate your Google account (you must have received an invitation and already signed in)
Upload a profile picture.
Set up your Gmail signature using this template.

🔐 1password
Add 1 password
(every password should be generated by this app and stored there)
Create or validate your account (you should have received an email)
Install the desktop app
Install the web browser plugin

📹 Loom

To record quick videos of your screen and cam

Validate your account (invite sent by email)

💰 Spendesk

Spendesk is our spend management solution At Strapi.

We use it to centralize payments across all entities (France & USA) on one platform.

You must create your account directly using your Strapi’s email address
To join Spendesk from any location (join both) click 👉 HERE for:

🇫🇷 (Strapi Solutions, France)

  • Use for all vendor and card payments issued in €EURO or a currency other than $USD
  • Use for all expense claims if your bank account (IBAN) for reimbursement is not in the US.

🇺🇸 HERE (Strapi Inc, USA) |

  • Use for all vendor and card payments issued in $USD
  • Use for expense claims only if your bank account is with an US based bank.

🕵🏽 Lever

Lever is our recruitment tool (ATS) where all Strapiers can be invited during a recruitment process like a team meeting.

Your account has been created and you will receive a notification whenever you are required in a recruitment process.
Hiring Managers, corresponding
Strapi global Talent acquisition process
🎏 Lattice
Join your account on Lattice and update your profile

Moka Care is our mental health solution.

Here are some key learnings to start

Donut introduces teammates right in Slack for a variety of programs that foster camaraderie, collaboration, and community. There’s a weekly round on Mondays for random discussions

🗓 Common agenda

💪 4 more actions before ending / to start your day

Prepare a 1-minute pitch for your first Monday Meeting as our CEO will officially introduce you to the team 🙌🏽.

You can share your background and what you're fond of, what's your career goal or your passions!

Have your photo on Strapi's website 📸

Register to, our mental health solution if you need it.
Answer this Google Form 🙂

💡 Tip of the day

Make a link open in a new window ✌️


Command + Click

Windows, ALT key + Click

📬 Checkpoint (Optional): end your day by sending a summary of your journey, feelings, and questions to your buddy, manager and/or People Team, depending on your needs, via Slack.

We're all sending you virtual hugs


Have a sweet night, see you tomorrow for the next level of your onboarding!