Day 2

Day 2

🧑‍🦰👨‍🦳👳🧕 Time to meet Strapiers

👋 Team meetings
Review the to learn how our company is structured. You can also use Lattice to have a dynamic vision.
Schedule a 1:1 call with all your department team members or squad for 30 min (during your first 2 weeks or month, depending upon your team size)
Schedule at least 20 calls in your first month for 30 mins with 20 different Strapiers within another department than yours.

For their locations📍, have a look here

Feel free to add your location also, by clicking on Add User as the clock has no owner and anyone can edit it 🙂

If you join Donut, a Donut "replaces" a 1:1 during your first month.
🙆 Player Profiles
Check their player profiles to get to know them better and find new interesting topics to chat about. Start writing yours! We’ll ask you to share it with the team in #people at the end of your onboarding 🙂
Write and add your profile presentation to the page.

👨‍🎓 Learn more about the departments

Watch at your own pace this week, the below videos (10-20 mins per video) to learn more about Strapi’s departments.

Make sure you have accepted your invite to Loom for access to the videos
Customer Success (Passcode: b+*tc83w)
Sales (Live session)
Product (‼️ duration of 1.5 hour )
Finance (5 mins)

You’ll see scheduled in your agenda Q&A sessions, prepare some notes to ask the Head of the Department 📝

🧑‍🏫 The presentation

At Strapi we feel it is very important for everyone to understand the ecosystem in which Strapi evolves; the headless CMS ecosystem, our competitors, and all the area that surrounds our products.

We think that a study of our competitors, headless CMS trending would be a good start.

All Strapios have to make a study case about both the Headless CMS trend and our competitors.

You'll have 1 week to work on it, but no pressure or hard feelings to put on yourself 🤗

👇 Click here to know more about the presentation

Onboarding Presentation

OPTIONAL: Send a picture of both you and your buddy and post it on Slack
📬 Checkpoint (Optional): end your day by sending a summary of your journey, feelings, and questions to your buddy, manager and/or People Team, depending on your needs, via Slack.