Onboarding Presentation

Hey! This page is here to guide you to perform your onboarding presentation. You don’t have to do all the steps at once but one by one during your 2 weeks of onboarding. 🙋 If you are not a tech expert, we highly recommend you to plan some time with your buddy to understand the product.

1️⃣  Some scheduling

Schedule your presentation in Strapiers calendar for Thursday next week. Use team@strapi.io to invite everyone 😊 The booking slot should be 30 minutes. 💡Title of your invite : [Facultative] NAME's Onboarding Presentation ⚠️ Please invite them to "optional" when creating the invite on Gmail. Not everyone will be able to attend your presentation and it's ok. You may not be able to attend all the coming ones either.

2️⃣ Understanding the product

In order to understand what is Strapi, we have created a series of step-by-step tutorials that should help both the community and us get to know the product we are building. Becoming an expert cannot be made in a day 😉 however it has to start somewhere.

Review the Strapi Training v2 course, and take notes as to anything that gives your trouble or isn’t clear:
Schedule a meeting with your buddy to talk about what you learned, things you got stuck on or aren’t clear (30 to 45 minutes depending on buddy schedule)
Feel free to take a 2nd look at the or you can explore the Strapi demo application: . Use what you learned and see how the pieces fit together in a “real world” like application.
Take some notes about what you liked and didn't like with Strapi (it will be useful for the presentation).
Read as much as you can of the Strapi documentation.

3️⃣ Work on your presentation This presentation has 3 goals:

  • Ensure that you understand the market and you start to remember a few names of our competitors.
  • Help the team to be up-to-date with the new cool kids in town (our competitors). And also, show the progress in terms of features of the other products.
  • Help the team to get to know you and work with you better.

What do we expect from you?

⏰ The presentation should last between 15 and 20 minutes.

🗣Then, 10 minutes of chat with the team.

👌  Don't worry about the choices of the competitors. Your presentation will be different from the others. Everyone has their own words to describe what a Headless CMS is and our competitors. Some people like to share a role-related presentation and others prefer to highlight the design elements and the user flow. Most technical people like to talk more about the API, the documentation, etc.

✍️ Make a Google Slides presentation (you can use this template, please make sure you duplicate it) with the structure below:

I - Headless CMS definition

II - Benchmark and compare at least 5 of our competitors, including Strapi (3 will be enough if you're a non-tech person 😊)

- Pros & cons of each one

- What do you like/ dislike?

III - What could be improved in Strapi

4️⃣ Fill in the after the presentation So that:

  • Your knowledge is not lost
  • New Strapios can bring more recent data

NB: If you are doing your presentation the same day as other Strapios, please do not share/let access to others. You are not supposed to see other Strapio's presentations before D-Day 🙂 NB2: Not everyone will be able to attend your presentation and it's ok. You may not be able to attend all the coming ones either.