Day 3

Day 3

🚀 Learn more about Strapi's story & culture

A little bit of reading to start the day!
Strapi Story
was written by our beloved co-founders, Jim, Aurélien, and Pierre. The goal here is to go over our story to get a glimpse of what happened since the creation of Strapi and not lose a piece of it!
Read the
Strapi Handbook
Strapi Handbook

🤿 Deep dive into the product

Check the
Onboarding Presentation
to start exploring the product
For case points of Strapi product, check our :
  1. Explained user stories
  2. Slack channel #made-with-strapi

💡 Reminders

Did you schedule all your 1:1 with the Strapiers?
Did you start writing your ?

📬 Checkpoint (Optional): end your day by sending a summary of your journey, feelings, and questions to your buddy, manager and/or People Team, depending on your needs, via Slack.