Week 2 ➡️ Technical Onboarding

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Ready for the last week of your onboarding?


✅  Before deep-diving in this week, check that you have:

covered all the steps of your
Week 1 ➡️ Corporate Onboarding
your photo on Strapi's website

answered this Google Form 🙂
started writing your
scheduled at least 20 calls in your first month for 30 mins with 20 different Strapiers not within your team/squad

📆 What’s up for this second week? 🔎

NB: you’ll have 2 onboarding pages where to navigate this week:
for your team-dedicated onboarding
This page Week 2 ➡️ Technical Onboarding, focused on your presentation and last general tasks

2nd week at Strapi 🚀

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