Some remote drawbacks and risks

For Strapiers

Burnout 🤯

It can be hard to separate your personal and work life. Strapi encourages boundaries and makes sure you don't continue to work during your free time.

  1. We measure our eNPS and make proper decisions related to the results and feedback.
  2. We provide mental health support with
  3. Preventing a culture of burnout starts at the top. In remote companies, it's important to reinforce this at all steps of employees' life.

Isolation 🙁
  1. The first month in a remote role can feel lonely, especially if you're transitioning from a traditional office setting.
    • Strapiers can Schedule , coffee chats, 1:1, ... between team members. Strapi put in place an individual onboarding that allows you to meet most of the company .
  2. Some may find it difficult to work in the same setting as they live and sleep. A dedicated workspace can help switch the context from their home life to work.
    • Strapi offers a budget to encourage Strapiers to adapt a workspace that is ideal for their comfort and productivity.
    • Strapi encourages to unplug .
Organization 🗂

Remote work requires you to manage your own time and be self-motivated, disciplined, and organized.

  1. You can find training about productivity .
  2. Strapiers shared about organization and productivity.

Communication 🗣

Communication is very important. Below are some guidelines to ensure good internal communication:

For Strapi

Legal & Compliance ⚖️

Differences in currency, tax, immigration, and labor laws around the world creates compliance challenges.

  • We are using (except for France) and collaborate closely with lawyers to ensure we remain compliant across the globe.

Communication 🗣

We strive to be intentional about cultivating, sustaining, and documenting our company culture (,

Company cadence
Company cadence

  1. We work on communication and have sources of truth (
    Notion use
    , Github Issues,
    Monday Meeting
  2. We adapt every process to a remote setup.
  3. We encourage the proper use of our tools and regular unplugging.

Remote costs 💶

As part of our Care value, Strapi spends money to create the best remote experience for Strapiers. This includes equipment and co-working budgets, retreats (both virtual and on-site), goodies, etc.