Some remote work advantages

For Strapiers

We encourage you to take advantage of the freedoms and possibilities enabled by working remotely.

Work-Life Balance 🚶🏽
  1. Less stress, saving time, energy, & money regarding commuting.
  2. More Productivity, less Interruption.
  3. Self-Care: If you don't feel like going out, are a bit tired.. you can just stay at home, respect your physical or mental health, take a nap and be able to work still.
Flexibility 🔙🔜
  1. Having more flexibility in your daily life;
  2. Ability to work from other places without having to take a day off;
  3. You can set up and decorate your office or workspace in whatever way works best for you and because we provide the right set-up Remote Workspace benefitsRemote Workspace benefits;
  4. Work clothes are not required.🥸
Diversity 🌐

The opportunity to meet and work with people from many locations around the world, widening one's view of the world and creating opportunities to learn about new cultures.

For Strapi

Remote-First enables a more diverse and inclusive workforce, greater efficiency in workflows, and broader global coverage.

Diversity 🌐
  1. Ability to hire great people no matter where our HQ is.
  2. Greater flexibility can mean greater diversity in our organization .
Talent Pool 👨🏽‍🎤
  1. We don't have to limit ourselves to one or a few locations regarding talent acquisition;
  2. The Strapi community is spread all over the world. Seeing users or contributors applying and joining the team is something we appreciate and encourage;
  3. Attract future talent: remote work is increasingly expected by employees.
Productivity & costs 💪
  1. We have fewer meetings and more focus on results and outcomes of great work.
  2. We don't have to pay and launch heavy admin processes to relocate someone to join our team.
  3. We can hire in low wages locations and applying 30% of the average salary in San Francisco for this position
Scale 📈
  1. It's easier to quickly grow and scale as a company.
    • Example: Quick growth implies adapting offices spaces, but also related activities such as security, cleaning, remodeling, etc. It can request to move offices in quick succession, creating massive cost and inefficiency.

For the world

Population & wealth distribution 💸
  1. There's evidence that remote work can reduce the effects of urban crowding for many cities around the world. Some states and countries are even offering incentives to encourage remote work.
  2. For global companies, bringing better-paying jobs to low-cost regions has positive economic impacts. It distributes wealth across the world.
  3. It can reverse the brain drain that often plagues emerging markets, small towns, and rural locations.
Environment 🌱

Remote work helps the environment as well. By eliminating commuting we also reduce emissions.

⚠️ We are conscious organizing team events somewhere in the world does have an impact.