Sales Manual



Deliver the right value proposition to make sure that Strapi is the best fit for our prospects' and customers' projects.

Build the best-in-class Partner experience, based on simple & strong foundations and accessible to all types of companies.

Guiding principles

1. Learn, continuously

Continuous learning, hands-on behavior, starving appetite for knowledge... these are fundamental in order to legitimize your recommendations and succeed in convincing your customers to adopt your solution. Selling is not the end game. It should only be the result of your efforts to position yourself as a trusted advisor and as a product specialist rather than a "sharp knife".

2. Being grateful, unrelentingly

Respect the product and commit to the choices the engineering team has made (amongst their endless backlog and all the trade-offs) and thank the Team each time someone has granted you their time. It's more than normal, it's precious.

3. Share, a lot

Salespeople should always take the time to share a few sentences, a screenshot, a comment... or whatever it is that gives Developers a real idea of the final usage of the product. We're sharing more than feedback here. It's about transmitting daily inspiration and positive vibes to other people.


How does your team embody the Strapi values?

  • Measured ambition: Our ambition is to grow Strapi's revenue. Still, we do not rush into aggressive sales cycles nor do we oversell or make fake promises.
  • Genuine humility: We put ego aside. We are constantly looking for feedback. For us and for the Team. We love to say "I don't know and I'll come back to you shortly with a precise answer". We don't denigrate the product but respect the work from others
  • Proactive Responsibility: We own our decisions are collectively committed to them. We act in transparency and share lessons learned on each occasion possible.
  • Rational transparency: we have an advisory responsibility towards our customers which means we will always clearly state when a feature is native, require customization, not yet available, or is out of our scope.
  • Active care: We care for each other as a team and do not rule any internal sales competition. We care for our prospects, customers, and partners to rightfully use and understand our product as their success will reflect ours.

How The Team Works

Team structure

Business Development: this squad accompanies prospects in their buying journey. Their mission is to assess the situation, identify the problem, uncover the implications, provide a demo and deliver a solution to each requirement.

Account Management: this squad leads expansion within customers' organizations. Their mission is to understand the underlying industry stakes, evangelize our value proposition and connect stakeholders who have Strapi in common.

Partner Development: this squad is in charge of building a strong network of Solution Partners (digital agencies, freelancers, etc.). Their mission is to boost usage by promoting our product to companies that do not have the required technical expertise, share best practices, and increase our overall revenue.

Team cadence

Daily Inquiries

Multiple forms are available on strapi.io for people willing to know about our Enterprise Edition or our Partner Program.

Live Chat

Yes, we are the ones behind the chat and we may already have had the chance to be in contact 🙂 If a message is left without an immediate answer, we always follow up so a copy of the conversation is sent (could also be done via email if specific information is required).

Feedback sharing

We consider that Sharing is Caring. It's really important for us to share as much feedback as we can about the product and all the many different ways it can be leveraged!

External Meeting

Every week, we help people & companies determine if Strapi is a good fit for their project, demo how our solution operates, and work closely with procurement to set Enterprise Agreements.

Weekly Team Meeting

We share celebrations, things we can improve with potential solutions, have a look at our OKR, and any teammate can add a topic of their choice to the agenda.


Annual Recurring Revenue

Number of paid subscriptions

Number of Partners enrolled in the Partner Program

Annual Recurring Revenu from Partners



Identify technologies on websites and Hubspot companies
MarketingSales & Partners
MarketingSales & Partners
Software to handle online form building and online surveys
AllMarketingUser SuccessSales & PartnersProduct
DevRelCorporate Marketing
Payment processor we use to collect payments.
Sales & Partners
Analytics software to collect and analyze usage information from the Telemetry system.
ProductSales & PartnersMarketing
Corporate MarketingGrowthDevRel
At Strapi, we like dogfooding our own product. We use it to power our website, blog, license server, and more.
MarketingSales & PartnersUser Success
DevRelSupportCorporate Marketing
Knowledge software we use to manage our handbook (internal documentation) and our processes.
AllUser SuccessSales & PartnersProduct
Mapping / Planning.
MarketingProductSales & PartnersPeopleTalentUser SuccessEngineering
Corporate Marketing
eSignature software to sign documents with employees, customers, etc.
AllSales & PartnersPeople
Integrations between our tools.
Sales & PartnersMarketingUser Success
DevRelCorporate Marketing
Video conference software for calls and meetings.
AllSales & PartnersUser Success
Subscription software to manage our customers' subscriptions (invoicing, auto-renewal, etc.).
Sales & PartnersFinance & Legal
Main communication tool we use for internal communication. The usage guidelines are available here.
AllUser SuccessSales & Partners
CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to centralize the discussions with our leads and customers.
Sales & PartnersMarketingFinance & LegalUser SuccessProduct
GrowthCustomer SuccessCorporate Marketing
Email software to communicate with external people. We use Slack for internal communication.
AllSales & Partners