Sales Mission


Deliver the right value proposition to ensure Strapi is the best fit for our prospects' and customers' projects.

Build the best-in-class Partner experience, based on simple & strong foundations and accessible to all types of companies.

Guiding principles

1. Learn, continuously

Continuous learning, hands-on behavior, starving appetite for knowledge... these are fundamental in order to legitimize your recommendations and succeed in convincing your customers to adopt your solution. Selling is not the end game. It should only be the result of your efforts to position yourself as a trusted advisor and as a product specialist rather than a "sharp knife".

2. Being grateful, unrelentingly

Respect the product and commit to the choices the engineering team has made (amongst their endless backlog and all the trade-offs) and thank the Team each time someone has granted you their time. It's more than normal, it's precious.

3. Share, a lot

Salespeople should always take the time to share a few sentences, a screenshot, a comment... or whatever it is that gives Developers a real idea of the final usage of the product. We're sharing more than feedback here. It's about transmitting daily inspiration and positive vibes to other people.


How does your team embody the Strapi values?

  • Measured ambition: Our ambition is to grow Strapi's revenue. Still, we do not rush into aggressive sales cycles nor do we oversell or make fake promises.
  • Genuine humility: We put ego aside. We are constantly looking for feedback. For us and for the Team. We love to say "I don't know and I'll come back to you shortly with a precise answer". We don't denigrate the product but respect the work from others
  • Proactive Responsibility: We own our decisions are collectively committed to them. We act in transparency and share lessons learned on each occasion possible.
  • Rational transparency: we have an advisory responsibility towards our customers which means we will always clearly state when a feature is native, require customization, not yet available, or is out of our scope.
  • Active care: We care for each other as a team and do not rule any internal sales competition. We care for our prospects, customers, and partners to rightfully use and understand our product as their success will reflect ours.


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