At Strapi we try to use tools that are as simple as possible. If you can think of any tools that are simpler, better, or cheaper please let us know! Here we will give instructions on how to make the best use of the tools we currently use. These are the tools that we use. If you need access to any of these services, please send an email to admin@strapi.io. Always use your @strapi.io email address with Google Connect or a random password generated by 1password when you register to one of these tools.
Partner management platform
Sales & Partners
Sales call meeting recording & coaching platforrm
Sales & Partners
Customer Success
LinkedIn Sales Navigator
Prospecting and sales engagement tool
Sales & Partners
Software to handle online form building and online surveys
AllMarketingUser SuccessSales & PartnersProductDocumentation
DevRelCorporate Marketing
Payment processor we use to collect payments
Sales & Partners
Analytics software to collect and analyze usage information from the Telemetry system
ProductSales & PartnersMarketing
Corporate MarketingGrowthDevRel
At Strapi, we like dogfooding our own product - We use it to power our website, blog, license server, and more
MarketingSales & PartnersUser Success
DevRelSupportCorporate Marketing
Knowledge software we use to manage our handbook (internal documentation) and our processes
AllUser SuccessSales & PartnersProductDocumentation
Integrations between our tools
Sales & PartnersMarketingUser Success
DevRelCorporate Marketing
Mapping / Planning
MarketingProductSales & PartnersPeopleTalentUser SuccessEngineeringDocumentation
Corporate Marketing
eSignature software to sign documents with employees, customers, etc
AllSales & PartnersPeople
Subscription software to manage our customers' subscriptions (invoicing, auto-renewal, etc.)
Sales & PartnersFinance & Legal
Main communication tool we use for internal communication. The usage guidelines are available here
AllUser SuccessSales & PartnersDocumentation
CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to centralize the discussions with our leads and customers
Sales & PartnersMarketingFinance & LegalUser SuccessProduct
GrowthCorporate MarketingCustomer Success
Email software to communicate with external people - We use Slack for internal communication
AllSales & PartnersDocumentation