Talent Manual

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The Talent Team's missions are:

  • to grow a healthy team of builders and solution-focused people
  • to transparently showcase our unique company personality, culture, values and mission
  • to align the global strategy with talent management
  • to train and coach hiring managers to offer a great candidate experience

Guiding principles

Finding exceptional talent is not easy, and finding amazing talent for a fast-growing company is even more challenging. The Talent Team follows some principles to help find and hire the best people.

  • Diversity and Inclusion: we are growing a diverse team representative of the users we serve. We are committed to building a safe workplace where everyone feels empowered to be their authentic selves. By being you and bringing your unique differences, perspectives, cultures, experiences, lifestyles, and challenges, you actually help us succeed and grow to be the best version of ourselves.
  • Positive experience: we believe candidates must have a unique experience, from when they first contact our company to when they feel fully part of the team and beyond.
  • Culture Embeddedness: culture is to recruiting as product is to marketing. Our desire is to hire kind, respectful, and trustworthy people as we want to share our journey with people who will have our backs no matter what.


How does the Talent team embody the Strapi values?

  • Measured ambition: We aim to hire the best candidates for our teams while ensuring a positive candidate experience. We are searching for people aligned with our values and ambitious strategy.
  • Genuine humility: We constantly review our process and give everyone a second chance. We defined an inclusive process and are willing to adapt it to every individual need. We train ourselves constantly and continually ask for feedback from candidates.
  • Proactive Responsibility: We assist and train hiring managers to build an ambitious hiring plan and proactively look for candidates.
  • Default to transparency: Open source is our DNA. Our hiring process is public, and our values are, too.
  • Active care: We assess with care and adapt to every individual need.

Team cadence


  • Weekly 1-1 on Friday.
  • Quarterly meeting: Every team member has a quarterly 1-1 focused on performance, learning, and personal development.


  • Weekly Stand-up meeting: The Talent team hosts a meeting every Monday at 2 pm CET to review the KPIs and update priorities based on our OKR and initiatives.
  • Bi-annual cool-down week: One week to zoom out of the day-to-day operations and focus on learning, team building, and fun!
  • Retrospectives and post mortem: the debriefing of some intense or long hiring processes to constantly improve our guidelines and learn from our experiences.