Cooption / Employee referral policy

Strapi referral policy

If a person is hired thanks to a Strapier and ends their official trial period (4 months), the Strapier gets $1,500 (gross) on their paycheck.

Why does Strapi have a referral policy?

  • Qualitative Hiring: Employee referrals are one of the the most effective method of hiring because employees who make referrals are already familiar with the organizational culture. They recommend individuals more likely aligned with the organization both professionally and culturally. They also have the freedom to select someone they hold in high regard and appreciate working with.
  • Statistically, referrals are the #1 source of great candidates (candidates that are motivated and have better chances rates to be hired for the role- Forbes).
  • Increase hiring speed: Employee referral speeds up hiring as it saves recruiters time spent hunting/ sourcing and sharing information about the position to a new candidate.
  • Strapiers ownership and impact: Strapiers are actively and positively contributing to Strapi's growth.
  • Cost-effectivethe best way to reduce costs spent in employee hiring is through an internal source.

Who can participate in our employee referral program?

All Strapiers are eligible to participate in our bonus referral program except for:

  • The founding team (@Pierre Burgy, @Aurélien GEORGET, @Jim Laurie)
  • Recruiters and hiring managers for positions for which they’re hiring. Note: They can’t refer anyone for a position for which they are directly or indirectly responsible. But, they can refer someone for a position that’s in a different department. This exception doesn’t apply to the founding team.

What's a referral? Who can be referred?

  • A qualified candidate who you know from your personal or professional network.
  • An applicant with the right skill set, who meets the position's requirements.
  • Someone you trust and would like to work with.
  • A person with whom you have already spoken about the specific position(s) to ensure that s.he is motivated for the role at Strapi.

Two conditions:

  • Candidates should not already be in our active (currently in process or on "snooze" in Lever) candidate database.
  • The candidate is hired as permanent full-time employees (not as temporary employees or contractors or interns) and finishes their trial period (4 months).


Strapi uses Lever to gather referrals: go to Lever > add candidate > add referral - and fill the form.

⚠️ Strapi is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate against protected characteristics. All candidates will be given the same consideration and will follow the same exact hiring process.

Additional rules for rewards:

  • We guarantee that rewards will be paid out within a month after the trial period date we hired a candidate.
  • There is no cap on the number of referrals an employee can make. All rewards will be paid accordingly.
  • If two or more employees refer the same candidate, only the first referrer will receive their referral rewards.
  • Referrers are still eligible for rewards even if a candidate is hired later or hired for another position.


  • Why do we offer a referral bonus (money: $1500 gross)? This amount was decided a few years ago. The Talent team would like to only review it properly in 2022 with an internal survey + external benchmark and propose other ideas like charity (giving the money to organizations) or gifts instead of cash. So far, we'll keep it like it was, as people seemed to enjoy it, and we had a lot of referrals.

  • Why recruiters and hiring managers can't participate in Strapi bonus referral system?

Since it is already a part of their responsibilities as hiring managers or recruiters to actively seek out and hire candidates to expand their teams, Strapi will not provide additional rewards for these tasks. While it might be more convenient to hire someone known to them, the process of identifying excellent candidates remains an integral aspect of their job. This is akin to the task of locating attendees or sponsors for the marketing team, which is an inherent component of their role.


Benchmark and list
  • Complete benchmark by TalentFirst (French)
  • Bellman: 5K (but most of past companies: 1000€) End of the trial period.
  • Splio: 3K 1500€ start date + 1500€ end of the trial period.
  • Dailymotion: 5k End of the trial period. Managers are not eligible for conflict of interests.
  • Supermood
  • image
  • Talent.io: 1K: 500€ employee and et 500€ for charity. End of the trial period. Managers are not eligible for conflict of interests.