2024 Renewal - Figures

2022-2023 recap

  • 2022-2023 pricing: 4k€ HT
  • Pricing was based on number of seats, no matter the localisation. We secured this pricing before the scale (we were less than 50 employees). 2-year commitment


  • Market Data
  • Company Dashboard
  • Offer simulation
  • Positioning
  • Compensation planning (new)
  • HRIS integration (with Payfit and Gusto)

New feature - Add-on Salary Bands
  • One single place for our salary grids (no more 50+ Excel files between localisation, job, …)
  • Secured and confidential access to all managers - vision of their team only
  • 100% customizable salary grids

Why we think it’s a great added value:

  • Reduce significantly timing to prepare salary reviews
  • One single place of truth for the People team and managers
  • Empower managers to make the right decision regarding salary increases

Presentation of the feature (in French)👇

Pricing proposal for 2024 from Figures

Pricing is now based on the number of seats in France, the UK and Germany (very strong data confidence for these countries)

  • 2024 pricing - 4,2k€ HT for 47 seats (We can add other Strapiers based in other countries for free)
  • Add-on Salary Bands - 3,2k€ HT for 80 seats
    • Negotiated a 20% discount → new pricing: 2560k€ HT
  • Total price: 6750€ HT
  • 2-years commitments (from March 2024 to March 2026)

NB: If we need more seats, we won’t have to pay extra fees (Basic option + Add-on).


What do you think of the pricing and add-on?

The deadline is Dec 15th, 2023