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Setting Strapi users up for success. Make sure users are not getting stuck while they use Strapi.

Guiding principles

The User Success department is the aggregation of 3 different teams that are acting on the same objective: the Documentation, Support and User Success teams.

All three teams are helping users in the development of their projects with Strapi.

With our community-first background, we help, support, provide resources and examples to let everyone succeed in their Strapi journey.


How your team embodies the Strapi values?

  • Controlled Ambition: The user success team aims to make every single customer succeed with Strapi, no matter their size, industries, or use cases.
  • Genuine Humility: We value feedback from other teams and community members. Every team member is encouraged to continuously learn about the product and processes to make sure we provide expert guidance on all aspects of the Strapi platform.
  • Proactive Responsibility: We are proactive in the way we address Strapi users' questions and issues. We always assume positive intent. What matters the most is user satisfaction.
  • Rational Transparency: We aim to document everything and be as transparent as possible with our user base. Not only the product documentation but also our secret sauce in terms of technical writing best practices and style guide.
  • Active Care: We care about our users a lot. No matter if you are a community or enterprise user, we will try our best to help you succeed with Strapi. That being said, as the Strapi community continues to grow, its not an easy task to help everyone so please be patient and caring to the user success team in return.

How The Team Works

Team structure

The team is currently organized around 3 pillars:

Documentation: The documentation team is in charge of the documentation of Strapi, making sure that every software that we provide is well documented.

Support: Every day we are receiving tones of questions from community users and customers, we are here to help everyone in their Strapi journey and making sure you find answers to your questions.

Customer Success: Customers are special users, by subscribing to the Strapi offer, we are establishing a closer relation. A dedicated team is here to make sure that Strapi is well implemented in your global architecture.

Team cadence

Here is the list of team meetings, events and rituals we have in the User Success department:


  • Weekly 1-1: Every member of the team has a weekly 1-1 with their manager.
  • Yearly 1-1: Every member of the team has a yearly 1-1 with their manager to discuss their professional development plan.


  • Weekly Department Meeting: We host a department-wide meeting every Friday to celebrate achievements, sync with all teams, review the KPIs, and share updates based on our OKR and initiatives.
  • Weekly Team Meeting: We host a team meeting every Monday to, review the KPIs, review last and next week's projects.


  • NPS - User satisfaction about Strapi
  • CSAT - Customer satisfaction survey


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