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In a nutshell, the mission of the Strapi Marketing team is to scale our brand awareness and the acquisition of users, contributors, and prospects worldwide.

Guiding principles

As sponsors of the Strapi Open Source project, we fundamentally believe that Community-Led Growth is the most suited go-to-market motion for Strapi.

It means that we intentionally accept to lose some control over our brand narrative and invest resources to build a vibrant and diverse community of users/contributors.

To that end, we invest a lot of effort into creating educational content such as tutorials, guides, how-to videos to help users learn about Strapi best practices.


How your team embodies the Strapi values?

  • Controlled ambition: The Marketing team is ambitious. We aim to be the fastest-growing CMS loved by both developers and content teams.
  • Genuine humility: We take on new challenges with an open mind asking for expert guidance when needed. We believe in collaborative intelligence and are not afraid to say I don't know, ask questions, or for feedback.
  • Proactive Responsibility: We own our failures and our wins. We don't point fingers, we don't wear blinkers. We are always proactive in finding solutions instead of raising issues.
  • Rational transparency: Open source is in the DNA of Strapi. We follow an open by default, closed when necessary (legal or security reasons) principle.
  • Active care: Care is the compass of our attitude. We take care of our mental health and of our team members. Personal ego and hierarchical pressure don't have room in the marketing team. We work as a team, fail as a team and succeed as a team. We don't hustle, we work smart. We listen to our body, our feelings, and our team member's needs.

How The Team Works

Team structure

At the moment, the team is organized around 3 pillars:

  1. Growth Team: From traffic acquisition to lead / demand generation and many, the growth team continuously runs new experiments to optimize the conversions at every stage of the marketing and sales funnel.
  2. Corporate Marketing: The corporate marketing team's mission is to define, protect and promote Strapi’s brand and reputation as well as our product positioning and messaging. Through brand programs, product collaterals, and digital/narrative experiences, their role is to express Strapi’s values in action across our audience and ecosystem.
  3. Developer Relations: In collaboration with all other departments, the Developer Relations team is in charge of engaging developers through tutorials, speaking engagements, and community programs to help users understand Strapi’s benefits and value proposition.

Team cadence

Here is the list of team meetings, events, and rituals we have in the marketing team:


  • Weekly 1-1: Every member of the team has a weekly 1-1 with their manager.
  • Monthly 1-1: Every member of the team has a monthly 1-1 with their manager to discuss their professional development plan.
  • Quarterly meeting: Every member of the team has a quarterly 1-1 focused on performance.


  • Weekly Team Meeting: We host a team-wide meeting every Monday to celebrate achievements, review the KPIs, and share highlights or upcoming deadlines.
  • Monthly Team OKR Review: We host a team-wide meeting every month to review OKR and initiatives' progress and timelines.
  • Quarterly retrospective: We take a day or two every quarter to organize workshops and dive deeper into the metrics behind our respective programs or initiatives as a way to inform the strategy for the next quarter.
  • Annual cool down week: Usually after StrapiConf, we need a week to zoom out of the day-to-day operations and focus on learning, team building, and fun!


  • Website Traffic i.e users, page views, etc
  • Strapi usage metrics i.e mostly new active projects
  • Email and Social Media metrics i.e followers, engagement, CTRs, etc
  • Lead / Demand Generation metrics i.e MQL, conversion rates, etc


Value Proposition
Social Media
Social Media
Developer Relations


NameDescriptionLinkTeamsSub-teamsUser manual
Screaming Frog
Website crawler and log file analyser tools
Identify technologies on websites and Hubspot companies
Software to handle online form building and online surveys
AllMarketingUser SuccessSales & PartnersProductDocumentation
DevRelCorporate Marketing
An online video live streaming service
MarketingUser Success
An online video sharing and social media platform
MarketingUser Success
DevRelSupportCorporate Marketing
Corporate Marketing
Analytics software to collect and analyze usage information from the Telemetry system
ProductSales & PartnersMarketing
Corporate MarketingGrowthDevRel
At Strapi, we like dogfooding our own product - We use it to power our website, blog, license server, and more
MarketingSales & PartnersUser Success
DevRelSupportCorporate Marketing
Data Studio
Data vizualization
GrowthCorporate Marketing
To organize meetups with the community
SEO Optimization
GrowthCorporate Marketing
Website Session Analytics
GrowthCorporate Marketing
Google: Analytics / Tag Manager / Search Console / Optimize
Traffic analysis
GrowthCorporate Marketing
Tracking mentions across the web and Social Media
Corporate Marketing
Integrations between our tools
Sales & PartnersMarketingUser Success
DevRelCorporate Marketing
Mapping / Planning
MarketingProductSales & PartnersPeopleTalentUser SuccessEngineeringDocumentation
Corporate Marketing
Identifying top community contributors and potential Stars
MarketingUser Success
Corporate Marketing
CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to centralize the discussions with our leads and customers
Sales & PartnersMarketingFinance & LegalUser SuccessProduct
GrowthCorporate MarketingCustomer Success