Monday meeting attendance

  • It is written in our remote policy (now send to candidates with the package email- step 3 of the hiring process) 🌐Remote policy We’re a remote-first company distributed in AMER and EMEA time zones and are embracing a remote-first status, not remote only or all remote.
  • Strapi is a worldwide company with people working from different time zones. For some Strapiers, Monday Meeting is early in the morning (8 am); for others late in the afternoon (6 pm) once a week and it requires measures from all of us to adjust our schedules. We’re a distributed team and the effort needs to come from both sides 🌍.
  • Attending the MM is being a team player by understanding the constraints of our company, and our workmates and acknowledging that communication is an important vector to make it work.
  • The MM is the only moment we gather as a company and welcome the new joiners (and wish them a warm welcome, learn about them and comment in the chat about it). Link to slides.
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  • This is a live moment to 1- Get to know Strapios and connect with them 2- Learn about the recent updates in every department (we canceled the weekly newsletters not to repeat too many time the information, and only focused on Monday's meeting since). 3- Learn about tips/ Strapiers (tip of the week) 4- Ask questions, comment on information, OKRs and/or their consequences (in the chat or verbal) 5- We also use the Monday Meeting slot for kick-off and need everyone’s energy to launch new quarters. Crucial information Strapiers should know about is shared every week.
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  • Recordings are made to ensure Strapiers can watch it if they are off or sick, because there are exceptions and because we care. Not to be watched every week and not be able to start your day with your team before it.
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  • To ensure the remote culture work and the communication are done well, it’s also important to have one sync meeting together where we can pass all the important information. We are a startup; things move and go fast.
  • Rights and duties
    • We have flexible work hours to adjust our working time to personal needs. Still, we also need to adjust it to work obligations like attending the required Monday Meetings and company events (team building, company training). If attending Monday's Meeting extends our regular working day, we can start later or finish earlier on Mondays to adjust it. We care and want to ensure everyone feels comfortable. The care value it’s also caring about the company and other Strapiers.
    • Asking to attend a meeting once a week is a constraint set by the company. Everyone’s attendance is mandatory and Strapiers shouldn’t have different rights (except if they have a particular need, which we’ll always adapt to. Eg: some Strapiers inform their manager and team before the event that they will not be able to attend for family, health, or exceptional logistical reasons).
  • If you have any feedback to make that meeting more powerful, more insightful, please share them with us. We try to do our best to share as much information as possible in a short period of time. 1- We already received the feedback that we don’t share enough. This meeting is about being transparent with you, sharing all the day-to-day information we got from the team, and ensuring that most of us are aware of what’s happening in the company every week. 2- We already made it a 30min meeting (instead of 60min) to ensure we don’t use Strapier’s time unnecessarily. 3- Many Strapiers miss information (written or verbal) so we try our best to repeat it (newsletter, Slack and Monday Meeting). This is our only way to make sure information is well received and all Strapiers have access to all the information they need to perform their job. 4- We keep receiving feedback about gathering and seeing more Strapier’s faces, and are working on improving this event that way 🧑🏿‍💻.
  • If you have personal needs, questions, or disagree with that, please reach out to your manager, and we will schedule a meeting to discuss it further with you 🙏🏾