Remote policy

Subject: Explain our remote philosophy and share expectations regarding this working setup. DRI: @Laurine RENELIER Last update/ review: Q3 2022 Expiration: Q3 2023

Strapi remote manifesto

Strapi is at "stage 8" of remote organizations: a remote-only company.

Strapi remote manifesto

We practice asynchronous communication as much as we can

We focus on quality synchronous time through team meetings and events together

We hire and work throughout the world, only in open countries

We value results over time spent on tasks or at work

We practice flexible working hours

To work together and collaborate globally (and increasingly asynchronously), we defined a few guidelines and rules according to our values. These apply the same to every Strapier all over the globe.

The definition of a regular remote working day at Strapi

As Strapier, we expect you to work under the following conditions and the following behavior:

  • You’re in your fiscal country;
  • You're in optimal conditions:
    1. A good internet connection to be able to attend meetings with video and use Strapi
    2. A quiet environment free from distractions where it is possible to take a call on Zoom, Discord, or Google Meet. Headphones may be used for meetings to avoid echo and ensure good sound quality.
  • You practice synchronous communication: attend mandatory meetings (Team Meetings and Monday Meetings), Team and Company pieces of training, business calls, customer support, and help teammates (on Slack, for example).
Please read 💻Monday meeting attendance to get why everyone’s attendance is required during the Monday Meeting
  • You operate scheduled hours suited to participate in all meetings concerning your job. You can set your usual schedule in a calendar, and share your working habits in your , ...

An irregular remote working day at Strapi: optimizing our predictability

If you are not on a regular remote working day, we expect you to follow processes according to your situation

When you practice only an asynchronous communication

Example: I will take the train during my work schedule, I will not have a proper internet connection

I reschedule my meetings if any
I take a day off if I cannot reschedule my meetings
I inform my manager & my team member
I update my calendar and Slack
When you will work in a different time zone
NB: changing the timezone doesn’t mean changing the country, for example, the timezone will be different from NYC to LA or if I work in oversea France (”DOM-TOM”) instead of France mainland.

Timezone will affect the team as we will be reachable at different hours. So, we should inform the stakeholders of this change in advance.

If I want to work at a different timezone

I identify the different meetings that could be impacted
I discuss it with my manager 1 month before to ensure it will not have any impact on the teamwork
I inform my team a few days before
I update my Google calendar, Slack and Whena.re
When you’re not in your fiscal country (abroad - less than 6 months).

I follow the process to work abroad

✈️Process to work abroad

Remote work tips

What to do if I need equipment for my workspace

Strapi provides a yearly budget for your Remote Workspace benefitsRemote Workspace benefits

How to rent a co-working space

Strapi provides a monthly coworking budget ,

Solutions to ease my internet connection

  • Find a co-working space near my place.
  • Buy a 4G antenna (like this one).

Remote work advantages and risks

🎏Some remote work advantages😯Some remote drawbacks and risks


  • What is a remote-first company?
  • Some people have already thought about it, and here is a Twitter thread explaining the 10 stages of remote work.

    Today (2021), Strapi is at "stage 8", as we consider ourselves a "remote-first organization”.

  • Can I work offline or not in optimal conditions sometimes? We encourage you to take care of your schedule and work offline (disconnected from Slack and email box) if you need it (to focus on your work projects). As it also depends on your role, team cadence, and teammate's needs: feel free to discuss it with your manager first, and be sure to inform your teammates. The best thing would be to at least warn your teammates 24/48 hours in advance.
  • Will we be fully asynchronous soon?
  • So far, as we have mandatory company meetings like the Monday Meeting and follow frameworks like the AGILE method in some teams where we have synchronous meetings (Daily Standup, Retrospective, Sprint Planning, etc), we are not ready yet to be fully asynchronous.

  • Why did we create this policy?
  1. the lack of anticipation from people working in non-optimal conditions impacts their team meetings, and so, their teammates
  2. various managers asked for a clear limit because they didn't know if their teammates were available or not
  3. to ensure equality and fair treatment for every Strapier, due to our various time zone and work conditions depending on your working country, it became necessary to define this policy
  • Where should be stored my usual scheduled hours?

Your working hours may be in your player profile and/ or simply in your Google agenda. They may change depending on your location or weekly schedule. Make sure your manager and team are aware of them.


Why remote?
  • Freedom: We want to give everyone the possibility to work from anywhere. We are the first generation who has the ability to work so easily without an office for some jobs. We want to take this as an opportunity to let everyone work from their favorite places. That way, anyone can enjoy their lifestyle (family, friends, sports & hobbies). Anyone can use Strapi anywhere. Anyone should be able to contribute from anywhere as well.
  • Well-being: Remote work improves the quality of life, which aligns with our care value.
  • Life-Work Balance: We want to offer a world where personal life drives career, not the opposite. The rise of remote will lead to people re-prioritizing what is important to them. Organizing your work around your life will be the first noticeable switch. People realizing they are more than their job will lead to a deeper purpose in other areas.
  • Inclusion: Working remotely drastically reduces discrimination due to location. Also, it removes many biases.
  • Diversity: We are deeply convinced about diversity and committed to building such a team. We want to equally, no matter what our differences are, give the ability to join a company like Strapi. As our Talent pool is global, our workforce will be as diverse as possible. We believe that every culture, nationality, location specificity will bring something different to Strapi and it will force us to be more inclusive. Having the ability to onboard people from any country will not only help us but is a requirement to reach that objective.
  • Talent pool: It also gives us an unfair advantage regarding talent acquisition as we don't have to limit ourselves to one or a few locations. The Strapi community is spread all over the world. Seeing users or contributors applying and joining the team is something we appreciate and encourage. The arrival of Derrick is a good example.
  • Productivity: Ownership is one of our core values. Working remotely and asynchronously helps us be more productive and accountable. Managers have to have a good relationship and understanding of their teammates. We hope more and more companies will develop this mindset (even if they're not 100% remote).
  • Communication: It forced us to adapt, to document everything, to put ourselves into it and say things we don't always say face to face, to include more people, and to share more about ourselves to communicate better. We are convinced it's easier to scale an all-remote team than an office-based team where things are said but not written.
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