By following a simple set of typographic rules, we ensure a consistent look across all of our marketing supports.


We always use the Poppins font (only) for marketing topics and external communication. In combination with our colors, it allows us to be consistent and more easily recognizable.

We decline it into different styles to create a visual hierarchy in our assets.

Font style



Variant: Poppins Bold

Light Color: Blue 800, Blue 900

Dark Color: Neutral 0

Always use Poppins bold for your titles! If you need to highlight a word in your title, you can simply use one of our accent colors.

Subtitle, Body


Variant: Poppins Regular

Light Color: Neutral 800, Neutral 700

Dark Color: Blue 100, Neutral 0

Always use Poppins Regular for your body! Title and body shouldn’t be at the same size, make sure to keep a sufficient ratio between them to keep a good visual hierarchy.



Variant: Poppins Semibold

Light Color: Neutral 800, Blue 800

Dark Color: Neutral 0

When you highlight a word or part of the text, use semibold in the body, if not enough you can also use one of our accent colors.



Variant: Poppins Bold Uppercase

Light Color: Blue 800, 600 colors

Dark Color: Neutral 0, 300 colors

Label is designed to be smaller than Title and body text. Place it on the top of your composition to express the context.



Always use Poppins Bold for title Always use Poppins bold for your title, colors Blue 900 or Neutral 0, and use accent color to highlight a word.


🚫 Use other styles in your titles

To keep the Strapi brand recognizable, Do not use unapproved style combinations.


Use Poppins Regular for body & subtitles Always use Poppins Regular for body and subtitles, Use semibold if you want to highlight a word/sentence.


🚫 Use other type of weight or fonts

To keep it consistent, don’t use other weight of the Poppins font, or change the font.


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