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The People Team's missions are:

  • Have a secure and functional remote working environment;
  • Build a unique and inclusive workspace;
  • Strengthen teams and belonging.

Guiding principles

It's all about humans. The People Team aims to focus on Strapi's values and promotes them via all our policies and processes.


How does the People team embody the Strapi values?

  • Measured ambition: The People Team is ambitious. We aim to be in the Top 100 start-up to work for.
  • Genuine humility: We avoid the ego. We are continuously giving and looking for feedback. We aim to improve ourselves and help all Strapiers persistently.
  • Proactive Responsibility: We are owners, accountable, and committed to our scope. We appraise finding proactive solutions instead of raising issues.
  • Rational transparency: Open source is our DNA. We are always looking for insights and contributions. We value candor, and we share all non-confidential information.
  • Active care: We nurture care and self-care. We work as a team to communicate, advise and provide solutions to all Strapiers to care for themselves. All People's policies are consciously and actively made with #care. We work as a team, fail as a team and succeed as a team.

How The Team Works

Team structure

The People Team is today composed of:

  • VP People & Talent
  • Strategic role helping to grow the business while helping Strapi to build a unique, inclusive, scalable, and people-oriented solid culture.

  • People Manager Ensures Strapi has the tools and means to scale while partnering with managers.
  • Payroll & HR Manager Ensures Strapi is globally compliant and internally efficient.
  • People Experience Coordinator Ensures to create and deliver great experiences during all employees’ life at Strapi.
  • People Operations Manager Ensures processes are scalable, inclusive, and efficient.

Team cadence


  • Weekly 1-1: Every team member has a weekly 1-1 with their manager.
  • Quarterly meeting: Every team member has a quarterly 1-1 focused on performance, learning, and personal development.


  • Weekly Stand-up meeting: The people team hosts a team-wide meeting every Monday at 2 pm CET to review the KPIs and share updates based on our OKR and initiatives.


  • Build inclusive, fair, scalable, global, and functional policies
  • eNPS > 70
  • Onboarding NPS > 75
  • Event NPS > 75


Template Strapio onboarding
Template Strapio onboarding
Learning & Development Policy
Remote policy
Process to work abroad


Mapping / Planning.
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eSignature software to sign documents with employees, customers, etc.
AllSales & PartnersPeople
Connect serendipitously for virtual coffee, peer learning, DEI discussions, and more.
Feedback Management tool
Moka Care
Mental Health Solution
Payroll software for other countries (except France and the USA)
PeopleFinance & Legal
Payroll software for the US company.
PeopleFinance & Legal
Payroll software for the French company.
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Meal vouchers for French employees.
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Health insurance for the FR employees.
CSE (Comité Social et Économique)